Will a Face Mask Protect You From Corona???

Updated: Mar 24

Can wearing a face mask protect you from Corona (Covid-19)?

If you're like me seeing people walk down the street, into stores, and pretty much everywhere with a face mask on like it's a new celebrity fashion line, you may be wondering are these people actually super smart or super dumb. Well, look no further for the answer, I was bored enough to do the work and research for you.

If you want the short answer... No! But wait there's more!!

It's important to know what a face mask can protect you from! First, it is not designed to block viral (aka Covid-19) particles in the air. So you can stop wasting your time and money fighting to get the last face mask on the shelf, you're welcome! However, if you happen to be the person infected with corona and don't know how to stay in bed feeling sick like the rest of us, wearing a face mask can protect those around you. So all the hoarders out there who do not have corona please stop buying the face mask for the good of humanity. For the rest of us who don't have corona (as far as you know), however, the best option regardless is limiting contact with others (aka social distancing) and washing your hands. (That doesn't mean buying an unprecedented amount of soap- you hoarder!) If you don't believe me here's what the "PROFESSIONAL" aka people with common sense say.

The CDC advises "You should also avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands, avoid contact with sick people, cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze, and disinfect objects and surfaces frequently"

This meme is a perfect representation of this pandemic now!

So in conclusion, do not be a hoarder of face mask, soap, or other items. You will be fine if you limit your contact with people and wash your hands frequently and share this article lol. Help a friend who's looking stupid!

Let us know how you keep busy during a pandemic.

For more informaion about this pandemic you can read the boring fact articles I based this article on!

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