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Updated: Aug 29, 2020

In today's world, scams are flourishing like fungus on a tree. In fact, the majority of us receive that same robotic scam phone call a day- which by the way are so annoying! Now generally we feel like we could never fall for any scam; however, how good are you at actual detecting possible scams?

When It comes to music scams they generally follow the same pathetic formula, with few exceptions. Imagine this scene, you wake up in the morning check your music e-mail and you see an e-mail "so-and-so from insert label here," most likely you're jumping for joy and getting ready to call everyone in your contacts- you may also start to think to yourself, where did they get my information or how did they find me which are all good questions. But, before you go and call everyone in your contacts and tell them the exciting news find out if it is really so!

From years of experience I've learned what a real record deals and/or music opportunities is. That is why I want to help you know too!

Let's go back to the idea of the e-mail. Here's an e-mail I receive that I knew was a scam. I played along so I can share with you guys the signs of a scam!

Sign 1. Bad Quality E-mail.

An e-mail that is a scam will usually have very bad grammar, terrible layouts and just sounds off. On top of the the first thing was it was sent from <info.amandabowman.rca@gmail.com> not even from an RCA official website. But it gets better, this was what I received:

"Hello, my name is Amanda Bowman I handle business relations for Radio Corporation of America. 
Our A&R's went through all your content and definitely think you have some potential!

You have great music and we'd like to help you reach the next level of your career!

RCA would like to offer you a Marketing/Distribution/Publishing Deal. 

Everything from graphic design to professional mastering to marketing to distribution.

This will improve your overall brand value working with a distinguished international label like us.

There is no cost to you other than a deposit which will equal a sum amount of your plane ticket should
you choose to take the deal and fly out to our office. 

Should you take the deal your deposit will be returned back to you, we do this to state the offer was

solicited & recoup some of the cost it would take to fly you out and house you.

If you’re interested let us know so that we can send you a proposal.

Once you approve it we can get started from there. 

We look forward to hearing back from you!

Yours sincerely,

Amanda Bowman 

Radio Corporation of America "

This email was a lot bearable than most I've received grammar-wise, but come on the spaces were terrible! This is was a define indication to me this was a scam!

Note: Not all e-mail with a grammatical error are fake. I've worked with people who their languages are not English so there maybe times where there are mistakes in what they write. That's why we need to consider the next sign!

Sign 2. Can You Google the E-mail?

Now if you search it up and you can find the e-mail sent to you word from word then there's a problem!

clearly that e-mail has been sent to other people!

But, what if you can't are you all good? short answer, NO!

For example, I put it in a google search and literally the persons profile came up! (remember scammers will pretend to be any influential person.)

This image shows a link to the REAL Amanda Bowman's profile.

Long story short, no where in her profile does it say she works for Radio Corporation of America.

(RCA) which leads to our next sign!

BONUS: Though the first email I couldn't google the second one was the killer! This was the email:

Here is the proposal.
We are Offering You a 2 Years Contract. But can be extended afterwards.
Music Distribution to over 280+ stores worldwide
Music Distribution to over 1000+ Radio Stations Worldwide.
Music Distribution to All Top DJs Worldwide
Digital and CD Marketing Worldwide
Submission of Music to Films,Advertising Agencies etc 
Professional mixing and Mastering
Collaborations with any Artist or Producer  of your choice Worldwide.
Professional Artwork
Professional Music Videos
And so much more. 
You a Required to Release at Least 2 EP/Albums While Under Contract.
The deposit entitles you to receive the official initial contract which must be signed as legal proof that you agree to be flown out to New York to finalize the aforementioned contact. The deposit is very affordable as the complete price of the plane ticket and hotel stay will be equaling $700 American USD, however we will cover most of the cost only leaving you to pay $99 American USD. However, if you choose to fly out and decide not to take the deal we may recoup a bit of the tender it took to bring you out to our offices.

Once your deposit is complete and you sign the initial contract you will be sent confirmation ofyour deposit as well as a list ofpossible flight dates to choose from to come to San Francisco, California to meet with us. After our first meeting if you decide to sign the final contract you will be given a $290,000 salary advance as well as a $40,000 signing bonus to be used as you see fit for your career. 
Note: The deposit is paid before receiving the official contact to ensure that our sensitive legal and contact information is not abused and transferred without consent as well as making sure that you adhere to all stipulations dealing with the meeting process. If you choose not to fly and meet in office after paying your deposit and receiving your contract your deposit will be refunded however, you will lose rights to your contract offer.
You may submit your payment to $RCACorp on the CashApp platform https://cash.me/$RCACorp
If you accept the terms and conditions, payment information is located above. 

Not only there were grammatical errors, This was the results on google! Click here to see

Sign 3. Information Inaccurate or Inconclusive

In the e-mail they were very generic. For example:

you choose to take the deal and fly out to our office. 

Every company I've worked will tell you a location of meeting and when they are planning and give details!

Sign 4. Asking for Money!

This is just a big NO! Do not ever pay anyone anything. Do not give your bank information without verifying everything!

There is no cost to you other than a deposit which will equal a sum amount of your plane ticket should
The deposit is very affordable as the complete price of the plane ticket and hotel stay will be equaling $700 American USD, however we will cover most of the cost only leaving you to pay $99 American USD.



Though, there is no defining E-mail that is always going to a scam, you can take step to protect yourself. In my experience, some of the email I thought were scams were legit great paying jobs. In fact an email I literally received the other was like "Hey." But, it was a contract for a company that wanted to use my music. In conclusion, just use common sense if they are offering you money but you have to pay for that money ask yourself, Does that make sense? or If the e-mail looks like a 5 year old wrote it or the handle for the email looks like this- Famousname.Label.com@gmail.com what does that say? Have fun and Be safe!

Update 2020:

In reaction to the pandemic a lot of artist have been getting scammed! this is such a low because as artist general don't have as much money as it is. So if you ever need help determining if it's a scam reach out to me I would love to help you!

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Michael Mayo

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