100 Song Ideas

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Writter's Block is the worst! I've been there so many times! It's so hard to write a song that stands out in today's world. Sometimes we don't even know where to start. So I have a list hear of 100 song topic you can write about!

Bonus: Love

Common Phrases







What to do


How to

A class




How You Feel

What You Want

Ice Cream

Summer Fun

The beach


Things you like

Things you hate


Your favorite TV show

Your favorite person

Your Parents

Your Best friend

Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Your Husband/Wife

Your Dreams/Goals

Your Ideas

Your Morals

Your Life story

Your rights

Your life questions

Your reasons to go on

Your Strengths

Your Weaknesses

Your Struggles

What you wish you could be

What you wish you could do

Who you wish you could meet

If you had a million dollars what would you do

How many times you have done something

Your favorite time

Your best moments in life

If you could travel back and change something in history

Where would you like to do

If you had unlimited time in life

Your passed loved ones

Your family tree

Your writers block

You day today

What you are going to do tomorrow

Your friends day

A song you like

Your Favorite food

The food you hate

The moon

The stars

The angels






Climate change

What you believe in

Why you believe in something

Who believe/not believe what you believe

Your Cell Phone

Your favorite app

Your favorite time of the day

Your Favorite season



Marine life


A favorite book

A favorite chord/note

The alphabet

Miracle of Life

What you will do if your plans do not work out

How you overcame something

How you want to help others

What you did to help someone

Where could you go to help someone

Your favorite animal

The animal that describes you and your personality

An inanimate object that you can give personification to

An Idea you had

Your childhood friends

How you started music

How you got to the point you are

How you have grown

What you need improvement on

Where you can get help for improvement

Something new you learned

An interesting fact 100.

A common Nursery rhyme

What Ideas did I miss?

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